Why is Sofitel Manila Closing Down?


Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, a beloved luxury hotel in the heart of Manila, is set to close its doors on July 1, 2024, after nearly fifty years of service. The closure follows routine assessments that revealed structural safety concerns. Since its construction in 1973 and opening in 1976, Sofitel has been a landmark, hosting heads of state, celebrities, and countless significant events.


The hotel’s management highlighted the necessity for extensive renovations and modernization to ensure guest safety and uphold their high standards. They remain dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for guests and staff alike. To support their employees during this transition, the Department of Tourism (DoT) and hotel management have committed to offering job fairs, training seminars, and separation packages.


Sofitel’s closure marks the end of an era for a venue that has been an integral part of Manila’s cultural and social landscape. Known for its luxurious accommodations, grand function spaces, and the famous Spiral Buffet, Sofitel has left a lasting legacy. Despite this closure, plans are underway to revamp and modernize the property, continuing its tradition of excellence and hospitality for future generations.